Doctors Back CIS Report That Recommends Public Hospital Boards Of Management – 29 January 2009

The Australian Doctors’ Fund has endorsed recommendations for public hospital boards contained in an independent report into the NSW public hospital system by Prof Wolfgang Kasper released today by the Centre of Independent Studies. The report is called ‘Radical Surgery’ (

Executive Director of the Australian Doctors’ Fund, Mr Stephen Milgate said the report contained many of the conclusions our own research had delivered in our ADF report entitled, ‘Towards a more Positive Future for Australian Public Hospitals’ (

Properly appointed independent hospital boards can give greater ownership to the community of its own assets and also assist to align expectations of what public hospitals can and cannot deliver.

“There is scope for public policy to guide the parameters of these boards, however, maximum flexibility must be given to local decision making in order to solve problems locally”, Mr Milgate said.

It’s time to build greater community ownership in this important public asset. Command and control is not working.

“The voucher system of funding needs informed debate and not hysterical reaction. It should at least be trialled”, Mr Milgate said.

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Mr Stephen Milgate (02) 9567 5595 (BH)