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The Australian Doctors Federation reviews current information that is likely to have any effect on the doctor–patient relationship.

While some subjects may attract differing opinions, our aim is to assess all aspects of any controversial issue. Our motive is to inform our readers who can then inform their patients. We see this as the basis of Informed Consent.

The information surrounding these subjects evolves with time and, while there is no certainty in some cases, new developments are reviewed as they arise.

Our assessments are done by very experienced clinicians in medicine.

We are guided by the factual evidence and not by any other influence.

Where some subjects continue to evolve, if it is possible in others to come to a sound conclusion, the ADF may then formulate a policy on that issue.

We recognise that all information needs to be read with caution at present. What we present is the current best available.

We welcome input from our members, in this way far extending our reach for the collection of important and relevant aspects of medicine.