The doctor-patient relationship is the cornerstone of quality medical care.

We act on critical issues impacting the doctor-patient relationship to ensure Australians have freedom of choice in healthcare and a balanced mix of well-resourced public and private healthcare sectors.

Professional Independence
Policies for the benefit of all
Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

We will always advocate for the ability to deliver high standards of medical care.

The Australian Doctors Federation supports all actions that strengthen and enhance the doctor-patient relationship across Australia, including choice of doctor, the legal accountability of doctors to their patients, high standards of medical training and medical standards as set by the medical profession.

Representing Doctors

The ADF has been involved in all major issues impacting the doctor-patient relationship since its establishment in 1989.

Compared to our forebears, Australians now enjoy one of the world’s highest standards of medical care, but we cannot take this for granted. There will always be those who advocate for a UK-style ‘big government’ command and control model of healthcare or a US style ‘managed care’ system, where doctors are contracted to health corporations who then control what the doctors can do for patients in line with their profit-based corporate objectives.

In an environment where the medical profession is evolving and undergoing continual change, we need to ensure that doctors do not become marginalised in issues that directly impact patients. 

ADF Doctor Patient Relationship

Current Campaigns

Professional independence

Australian medicine must remain independent of control and ownership by big government or health corporations. Doctors must be the patient’s advocate, not the servant of third-party payers.

Doctors not clerks

Government departments and commercial organisations increasingly require doctors to fill in forms on paper and electronically in order for patients to be eligible for benefits. Not only does this cut into patient consultation time, it is blatant cost-shifting. Nominate a form.

No to medicine without doctors

Decisions by government that de-medicalise medical boards and committees that regulate and impact medical practice are a danger to the public and erode the confidence of doctors in the independence of the regulator. The ADF maintains that medical boards must be chaired by qualified medical practitioners.

Supporting senior active doctors

The ADF appreciates the value and contributions of senior doctors and has proposed a registration category for senior active doctors that will promote public safety and maintain the valuable involvement and mentoring role of Australia’s senior doctors.

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