ADF Doctors Honour Paul Ramsay AO – 2 May 2014

“Australians who value high quality healthcare owe a great deal to the late Paul Ramsay” chairman of the Australian Doctors’ Fund, Dr Bruce Shepherd said in Bowral NSW today.

“Paul took commercial risks that others would have run from, was successful in the USA and returned to Australia to invest in what was a very small private hospital sector. The rest is history.”

“Paul believed in the independence of the doctor-patient relationship and wanted everyone to have the sort of healthcare that he would like for himself. He had a genuine care and concern for others above commercial interests.”

“Should the history of Australian Healthcare be written, Paul Ramsay would feature in many chapters.” In recognition of Paul’s outstanding service, he was awarded the Bruce Shepherd Medal by the Australian Doctors’ Fund, in appreciation of the work he had done for Australian healthcare.

There is genuine sadness across the wider medical profession today at the loss of Paul Ramsay. What we must not lose is his legacy, a devotion to quality healthcare.