The Department of Home Affairs has now published the updates to the Short term Skilled Occupation List and the Medium-Long Term Strategic Skills List.  Updates to the occupation lists for temporary and permanent skilled visas will come into effect from 17 January 2018. This update follows the review conducted by the Department of Jobs and Small Business in late 2017.

A summary of the proposed changes can be found on the Department’s website. See – summary of 17 January 2018 changes to the lists of eligible skilled occupations.

These changes have been made to reflect the skills needs of the Australian labour market, and to continue to support Australian businesses to address skills shortages that they are unable to fill locally. The six-monthly review cycle of the occupation lists was established by the Australian Government in April 2017 to ensure that the occupations lists are responsive to changes in the Australian labour market, and align with the Australian Government’s policy that Australian workers have priority.

The changes will apply to applications made on or after 17 January 2018 and will not affect existing nominations or applications made prior to this date. In the case of points-tested visas, the changes will apply to invitations issued on or after 17 January 2018.

The Department of Jobs and Small Business review was informed by labour market analysis, feedback from employer and employee groups, and other government agencies.

A new regional occupations list is currently under development. This additional list will come into effect with the introduction of the new Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa in March 2018 and will help ensure regional employers are well supported. In March 2018, the subclass 457 program will be closed and replaced by the new, more targeted TSS visa.