Congratulating NSW/ACT GP Supervisor of the Year Associate Professor Aniello Iannuzzi

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is pleased to announce that Clinical Associate Professor Aniello Iannuzzi has won the RACGP NSW/ACT General Practice Supervisor of the Year award.

The Warrumbungle Medical Centre rural GP has been recognised for providing outstanding training guidance for registrar doctors under his supervision in Coonabarabran for many years.

RACGP Acting President Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda today congratulated Associate Professor Iannuzzi.

“The fact that Associate Professor Iannuzzi’s registrars report that he goes above and beyond in making their learning needs his priority tells you everything you need to know,” Associate Professor Shenouda said.

“Since 2005, Associate Professor Iannuzzi has supervised 15 GP registrars participating in the Australian General Practice Training Program at Warrumbungle Medical Centre. Six of those registrars have stayed beyond their initial term, spending between two and four terms under his supervision.

“For more than 20 years he has also encouraged and mentored scores of medical students through placements at Warrumbungle Medical Centre.

“Just like me, he is a rural GP who is passionate about fighting for rural healthcare and advocating on behalf of GPs living and working outside of our major cities. So once again I congratulate Associate Professor Iannuzzi and wish him all the best.”
Associate Professor Iannuzzi said that he was humbled to receive the award.

“It is a great honour to receive this award and I note that there are many GPs like me in communities across Australia doing all they can to train up future doctors,” Associate Professor Iannuzzi said.

“I really enjoy training and mentoring doctors and seeing them grow and develop before my eyes. It is a fine balancing act between always being available to help whilst promoting the independent decision-making you need as a clinician – once you build up their confidence they are good go.

“It is vital to train highly skilled doctors to service rural communities like mine and I hope I have done a good job instilling a sense of vocation and what it means to be a GP serving a rural community.

“For any future doctor considering a career in general practice in a rural or remote area I would strongly recommend it. You quickly develop a strong connection to people in the local community and your work will certainly not be taken for granted.

“GPs training in rural or remote areas also find that their work has tremendous variety and their skill set accelerates rapidly. On any given day you could be helping a patient manage a chronic condition or mental health concern, delivering a baby or dealing with a public health emergency.

“I will continue to be a strong advocate for rural healthcare as I want to make sure that our voice is heard loud and clear. You cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach, the health needs of communities in rural areas are different from those in the city.

“Too often over the years I have seen rural health services be wound back or scrapped and the flow on effects for local communities can be devastating.

“We need to invest in these services and focus on recruiting and retaining skilled healthcare workers, including GPs. I am confident that if we provide the right kind of support we can attract more doctors to the bush.”

The RACGP Awards recognise the value of GPs in our community, celebrating the achievements of exceptional individuals who go above and beyond to care for their patients.