“The regulator’s approach corrodes practitioner morale and does nothing to prevent mishaps.” AHPRA – A cure worse than the disease.

ADF opposed the AHPRA model from the beginning. In this excellent article, Dr Michael Gliksman outlines what is going wrong, and how he believes AHPRA should be reformed.

Dr Gliksman writes, “The failure of Australian medical regulators to act to prevent medical mishaps and ensuring fair treatment of doctors are multifaceted and complex, but they share deficits in being complaints driven, punitive, individually focused to the exclusion of all else, and tainted by the presumption of individual guilt.”

Dr Gliksman draws on lessons learnt from the aviation industry to highlight principles that can be applied to the healthcare setting. “The goal,” he says, “is to create a culture of safety where mistakes can be understood and learned from to prevent future occurrences.”

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