Lehonde (Frosty) Hoare was a pioneering President of the Australian Association of Surgeons, bringing a sense of unification and inspiration to that body which endured for many years and made it a bastion for the independence of the profession. He has, amongst many other posts, held the position of State President of the AMA South Australian Branch, Federal Councillor of the AMA and, of course, President of the Australian Association of Surgeons.

It was Frosty Hoare, and his wise counsel, who gave Bruce Shepherd the confidence to pursue his attempts to maintain the independence of the profession and supported him and those with a like mind for many years.

His gentlemanly disposition, never failing good humour and hospitable nature are backed by a determination to uphold the values of his profession, which he has done successfully for many years. It is fitting that his years of commitment be acknowledged through the awarding of a Bruce Shepherd Medal for outstanding service to independent medicine.