Dr Richard Prytula was president of the National Association of Medical Specialists (NAMS) from 1989-1995. In 1996, NAMS joined with the Australian Doctors’ Fund to fight the introduction of US-style managed health care into Australia. Richard has served for 23 years as a Director of the Australian Doctor’s Federation and an active member of its management committee. His contribution has been significant and greatly appreciated.

Richard trained as a Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst and Group Analyst, and has worked in private practice for over 30 years. He is a foundation member of the Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry (RANZCP), as well as being an Independent Medical Examiner and Chair of the Victorian Medico-legal Group. Dr Prytula also served as President of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Richard’s contribution to the maintenance of an independent medical profession springs from his deep understanding of the motivations of those who seek to misuse authority to pursue political and personal agendas. His expertise in the areas of mass psychology, advertising and marketing have been extremely helpful to every organisation which has had the privilege to be associated with him.

This contribution has been acknowledged with the presentation of a Bruce Shepherd Medal for outstanding service to independent medicine.