Dr Brendan Nelson is a foundation member of the Australian Doctors Federation (then known as the Australian Doctors Fund), past president of the AMA, leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, CEO of the Australian War Memorial, not to mention a host of other things!

In this podcast, Dr Nelson talks about his childhood, education, as well as his incredible career as a GP, politician and CEO.

Dr Nelson also gives important insights into Australian Medicine, politics and society.
The Australian Doctors Federation is delighted to present fascinating and inspiring discussion.


  • 1m:00s relevance of Australian Doctors Federation
  • 7m:20s medical student selection
  • 9m:10s is medicine science or social studies?!
  • 10m:20s role substitution of doctors
  • 12m:45s the GP crisis
  • 14m:00s Dr Nelson’s career as a GP
  • 15m:15s Dr Nelson’s AMA experiences
  • 16m:30s GP “bashing”
  • 19m:15s meeting and knowing Dr Bruce Shepherd
  • 23m:30s Dr Bruce Shepherd’s role in helping deaf persons
  • 24m:40s more AMA stories
  • 30m:00s why organisations struggle with membership
  • 32m:00s Dr Nelson’s political career
  • 35m:30s Leaderships of Liberal party
  • 43m:00s thoughts on Medicare
  • 48m:30s Medicare Co-payments
  • 50m:00s Life after politics – ambassador and CEO
  • 58m:00s advice for young professionals