This Australian Doctors Federation podcast offers practical, achievable and meaningful solutions to Australia’s GP Crisis.

Our Chair, Dr Aniello Iannuzzi, is joined by three experienced GPs and practice owners, Professor Karen Price, Professor Mukesh Haikerwal AC and Dr Peter McInerney. Dr Jackson Blythe, a GP registar, also joins the panel for Part 2, to add the perspectives of junior doctors training to be GPs.

In many ways, solving the GP Crisis requires a back-to-basics policy approach:

  • Respect
  • Remuneration/rebates
  • Role definition
  • Red tape
  • Recruitment & retention

Some of the solutions may have politicians and health policy designers feeling uncomfortable. Other solutions will have Colleges going back to their drawing boards. GPs and the public also play a role in solving this crisis.

Later this week, Sydney hosts the World Family Doctor Conference. There is no better time to be launching this podcast.