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The Australian Doctors’ Federation comprises practising medical practitioners and others who support ongoing independent medicine, free from government and corporate control or interference.  They support the Australian Doctors’ Federation because they understand that the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship is the cornerstone of quality medical care.

The Australian Doctors’ Federation is a long-standing and proud supporter of the Australian medical profession, its achievements, its proud history, its support of diversity in medicine, its general compassion and its substantial contribution to the high standard of living all Australians are able to enjoy.  We love doctors and we will always advocate for their desire to deliver high standards of medical care.

Compared to our forebears, Australians now enjoy one of the highest standards of medical care in the world, but we cannot take this for granted.  There will always be those who advocate for a UK-style ‘big government’ command and control model of healthcare, or a US style ‘managed care’ system, where doctors are contracted to health corporations who then control what the doctors can do for patients in line with their profit-based corporate objectives.

The Australian Doctors’ Federation supports any and all actions that strengthen and enhance the doctor-patient relationship across Australia, including choice of doctor, the legal accountability of doctors to their patients, high standards of medical training and medical standards as set by the medical profession.

The Australian Doctors’ Federation communicates with parliamentarians at all levels of government, from all parties, and makes its research available online at the ADF Library and through briefing papers, conferences and meetings.

Anyone can become an Associate Member of the Australian Doctors’ Federation, or make a contribution.

Associate Members and contributors can choose to receive:

  • Weekly ADF Health Headlines by email
  • Briefing Papers on single issues by email
  • Quarterly Newsletters by mail
  • Invitations to Meetings and Conferences on important issues by email
  • Input into policy documents and submissions by email
The Australian Doctors’ Federation Management Committee meets fortnightly by teleconference to discuss relevant and important issues impacting on the doctor-patient relationship.  These meetings often include outside invited experts on relevant topics.

Members of the ADF are those Associate Members who make substantial contributions to the Federation by giving their time and effort to promote the objectives of the Federation.

To become an Associate Member, simply complete the following application and pay your membership fee of $80 (inc. GST).  A Concessional Membership is available to registrars and medical student for $25 (inc. GST).

To join and become a member please contact us directly as our online registration system is temporarely suspended.