On the western outskirts of Sydney lives a family doctor who exemplifies the best model of General Practice and family medicine. Dr Adrian Sheen was born in the UK and qualified at Middlesex Hospital, London. He became a House Surgeon at Waikato Hospital, New Zealand, and later a Resident at Nepean Hospital in Western Sydney. Private medical practice was his real calling, and from 1981 until the present (38 years), he has combined first class medical care and social charitable events (utilising his talents as a trombone player in his Mulgoa Rd Jazz Band, and his skills as a magician) to the benefit of his patients, his community and the numerous migrant groups he and his wife Suzy have supported.

Furthermore, Dr Sheen has established, promoted and supported a public charity, Vatu Health Inc., to deliver quality primary healthcare in Fiji. He regularly leads medical expeditions to Fiji to treat patients who would otherwise continue to suffer from preventable and curable conditions. His work has been recognised by the Prime Minister of Fiji, Mr Frank Bainimarama. Through this work Dr Sheen has contributed in a practical way to improving relationships between Australia and Fiji at a time when both countries face significant challenges.

Acting on the need to preserve quality General Practice, Adrian established and leads a Western Sydney GP support group known as “Doctors Action”. This group has made representation at state and federal levels on various issues affecting quality primary medical care. Dr Sheen has served as Branch Councillor of the NSW AMA, Executive Director of a Division of General Practice, Vice President of the NSW AMA, Clinical Associate of two universities, university lecturer in General Practice, committee member of the Australian Doctors’ Federation, as well as Chairman and organiser of the Nepean Local Medical Association and musician in the Australian Doctors’ Orchestra. Dr Adrian Sheen’s outstanding contribution to the independence of Australian medicine is recognised with the presentation of a Bruce Shepherd Medal.