Dr Shaun Rudd represents the important contribution that many overseas-trained doctors have made to Australian medicine. Shaun obtained his medical degree from the Queen’s University in Belfast in 1978. He is now a highly regarded General Practitioner on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Not only did Dr Rudd pursue a medical career, he also became a leader in his profession. He accepted directorships on a number of hospital boards, chaired a Division of General Practice and his local medical association, and served the QLD AMA in a number of roles, including as President in 2014-15 in the midst of a major contract dispute between the QLD Government and hospital doctors which threatened the independence of the profession.

During this time, Dr Rudd has served as a member and Director of the Australian Doctors’ Federation. His cheerful and insightful observations and advice on a range of complex matters ensure that actions taken are grounded in reality. Shaun’s training in commercial governance has also proved valuable to every medical organisation he has contributed to or led. The frontline of Australian healthcare are the men and women who devote themselves to the demanding role of the family doctor. We present Dr Rudd with the Bruce Shepherd Medal to acknowledge his unique and outstanding contribution to independent medicine.