Australia’s General Physicians are a special and declining breed. It takes considerable intellectual discipline to master the complexities of the whole-body system and deliver practical, timely treatment and advice to those who suffer chronic illness and often multiple conditions. Brisbane General Physician Dr Dana Wainwright is one of this special group. Throughout her professional career, her predominant concern and effort has been directed to maintaining high standards of medical care and teaching in the QLD public hospital system.

During this time, she has faithfully served on the executive of the Australian Doctors’ Fund (now Doctors’ Federation) and as President of the Queensland Branch of the AMA. Dana has also been Chair of the Council of the Federal AMA. In all this time, Dr Wainwright has never been backward in seeking direct action where it is required to maintain professional independence and high standards of medical care.

Outspoken, with a kind and considerate disposition, Dana has earned the respect of all who have worked with her in the noble cause of maintaining a profession we can all be proud of. We thank her by awarding her a Bruce Shepherd Medal for outstanding service to independent medicine.