The pen is mightier than the sword. The current Editor-in-Chief of Australian Prescriber, an independent peer-reviewed journal providing critical commentary on drugs and therapeutics for health professionals, Dr John Dowden has held the role since 2002. John is a founding Director of Therapeutic Guidelines Limited and member of the International Society of Drug Bulletins. His service to the profession is based on his training as a General Practitioner, and the development of his extraordinary talents in technical and scientific writing and editing. This has seen him provide medical leadership as a member of the NH&MRC Expert Advisory Group on ADHD, member of the National Heart Foundation’s Hypertension Guidelines Group, and the Chairmanship of expert advisory groups for therapeutic guidelines in respiratory, psychiatric, oral and dental practice.

Working doctors need the support and expertise of doctors like John Dowden. His devotion and expertise to the development of technical guidelines for medical treatment helps keep Australia’s medical standards high and protects patients from unsafe practices. Without these protections, independent medicine would not enjoy the trust and confidence of Australian patients. In appreciation for Dr John Dowden’s outstanding service to independent medicine, we present him with a Bruce Shepherd Medal.