Dr Bill McCubbery is one of the most well-known General Practitioners in Victoria. He is held in high regard by all who know him and appreciate the decades of service he has given in a range of organisations, including being a Foundation Director and Victorian Chairman of the Australian Doctors’ Fund (now Australian Doctors’ Federation). Above all, Dr McCubbery has spent his medical career as a family doctor, treating generations of patients with the caring and kindness that accompany his sharp, medical mind.

His passionate interest in health economics and philosophy have underpinned his service to an independent profession. During the latter years of his medical career, he has taken this experience into the areas of independent medical assessments and the reform of the VIC worker’s compensation system. With the weight of experience and a keen eye for the ‘solution in search of a problem’, Dr McCubbery has ensured that those who advocate for the profession stay on course, uphold the values of personal freedom and resist executive government overreach into medical practice.

Our family doctors are the backbone of Australian medicine and we acknowledge today one of Australia’s finest with the presentation of a Bruce Shepherd medal to Dr Bill McCubbery for outstanding service to independent medicine.