Bruce Shepherd describes Stephen Milgate as ‘My greatest gift to the medical profession. His enthusiasm, his energy, his generosity of time and spirit, the deep friendships and affection he has formed with many of our colleagues are wondrous to behold’.

The Australian Doctors’ Fund (now Federation) would not exist without Stephen Milgate. The Orthopaedic Surgeons would be an even more motley lot than they are now. Indeed, there is scarcely a medical organisation which has not received his help and wise counsel.

‘There are few, if any, doctors who are aware of innate qualities that are required of a doctor and indeed the health requirements of the populace. One wonders where he finds the energy to do all these things for the profession and at the same time be such a community minded and family-oriented person. Many a young person in the St George District has been saved from the traps of adolescent life which pervade in the community due to Stephen’s enormous heart. His contribution is recognised with the awarding of a Bruce Shepherd Medal for outstanding service to independent medicine.’